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Before I started my second writing session of the Day, I was struck with fear.

Was I saying the right things? Am I saying it the right way?

Once I realized what was going on, I said “Fuck It” and grabbed my Kindle and and went out on the deck with Keith Richards. After about five minutes, I remembered something I already knew thanks to Keith...It’s OK to have your own voice.

If you haven’t read his new book Life, you’re cheating yourself out of something very extraordinary. Reading Keith’s words are like watching an artist paint.


I had a great writing session today. Sometimes it just happens that way. You’re led to something or somewhere. There was no stopping it.

I have written about Buffett’s relationship with Steve Goodman often. My relationship with Goddman’s music began back in ’95, with Bill Burton “demanding” that I go out and buy a “Best Of” Goodman CD. When I learned that Steve was instrumental in either co-writing or Jimmy covering four of his songs: Down To the Banana Republics, California Promises, Frank & Lola, and Woman Goin’ Crazy on Carolina Street, Bill didn’t have to twist my arm any further.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

Some insight into what must have been a special relationship between Buffett and Goodman has been surfacing lately, and I came upon it in my research session this morning. A section of my new book Jimmy Buffett FAQ has always been planned, and this morning that plan came together…

From: Just a Tranquil Little Child

From that Christmas Day 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, until his graduation from High School in June of 1964, Jimmy’s life could most probably be referred to as your typical Middle-Class Gulf Coast Family upbringing. Kind of a tropical version of Ozzie & Harriet, except Little Ricky ends up in Stone Canyon, and Little Jimmy ends up in Key West.

While I had a basic outline when I started this book, I still thought it didn’t do a good job of tying the story together. Then the other night, it hit me…A great way to tie all the little stories together.

Why had it taken me so long? I knew something was missing. After I found it, I haven’t been able to stop writing since. The energy is awesome. And this Blog is helping too.

After all these months of writing and watching the pages and words pile on, I was still looking for that final part of the structure…Found it last night. I couldn’t stop writing once I found it.

Exciting Stuff….


Questions Are The Easy Part, Answers Raise The Doubts

Who is this Jimmy Buffett? Who is this guy so many people idolize? How does a song about stepping on a pop-top and running out of salt go on to become the ultimate example of Branding? So much so, that even “The Donald” is jealous. Again the question must be asked, “Who the Hell is Jimmy Buffett? And why do so many people want to be him?

Don’t stop there! One of the ultimate questions has to be: How does a musician that goes almost thirty-five years without a number one hit song, go on to become the sixth largest grossing musical act of the nineties? Try to explain that one…I dare you. Now that’s an enigma!

As Jimmy has said many times in the past, “If you think that’s confusing, you should see it through my eyes.”


Since spilling coffee on my MacBook Pro, my writing has come to a hault. When I got the quote of $1,400 to fix it (including a new Motherboard – what ever that is), I said screw it, I can get a new computer for that…and sure enough I can. Picking up my MacBook Air after work today. Thank goodness my hard drive made it through.

Now I have to get writing…

This Site has come into being not only to keep Jimmy Buffett Fans updated on the progress of the Ultimate Book on Jimmy Buffett, but to also give them a chance to be a part of the story that gets told to the the rest of the world.

I’ll be asking for your input and suggetstions along the way; I can only hope that I’ll get as much help as I did when I wrote JimmyDotCom: The Evolution of a Phan.

Let’s see what we can come up with….