It Should Have a Niki Swoosh On It…

Since spilling coffee on my MacBook Pro, my writing has come to a hault. When I got the quote of $1,400 to fix it (including a new Motherboard – what ever that is), I said screw it, I can get a new computer for that…and sure enough I can. Picking up my MacBook Air after work today. Thank goodness my hard drive made it through.

Now I have to get writing…

  1. Yet another reason I don’t drink coffee. As everyone knows, spilling craft beer, good wine or an aged rum on your laptop will actually make it run faster!

  2. So I’m loving the ‘ell out of your blog right now. You’re probably going to be spammed with my comments soon… unless I can contain some of them and combine them all into just a few. PS – As your warning, I’m starting to read this from the beginning! Ha.

    In regards to this entry: oh, my. The very picture that I need to be reminded that keeping all kinds of liquids near my MB Air isn’t good.

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