I Finally Figured it Out…

After all these months of writing and watching the pages and words pile on, I was still looking for that final part of the structure…Found it last night. I couldn’t stop writing once I found it.

Exciting Stuff….


Questions Are The Easy Part, Answers Raise The Doubts

Who is this Jimmy Buffett? Who is this guy so many people idolize? How does a song about stepping on a pop-top and running out of salt go on to become the ultimate example of Branding? So much so, that even “The Donald” is jealous. Again the question must be asked, “Who the Hell is Jimmy Buffett? And why do so many people want to be him?

Don’t stop there! One of the ultimate questions has to be: How does a musician that goes almost thirty-five years without a number one hit song, go on to become the sixth largest grossing musical act of the nineties? Try to explain that one…I dare you. Now that’s an enigma!

As Jimmy has said many times in the past, “If you think that’s confusing, you should see it through my eyes.”



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