An “A Team” Moment…

I had a great writing session today. Sometimes it just happens that way. You’re led to something or somewhere. There was no stopping it.

I have written about Buffett’s relationship with Steve Goodman often. My relationship with Goddman’s music began back in ’95, with Bill Burton “demanding” that I go out and buy a “Best Of” Goodman CD. When I learned that Steve was instrumental in either co-writing or Jimmy covering four of his songs: Down To the Banana Republics, California Promises, Frank & Lola, and Woman Goin’ Crazy on Carolina Street, Bill didn’t have to twist my arm any further.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

Some insight into what must have been a special relationship between Buffett and Goodman has been surfacing lately, and I came upon it in my research session this morning. A section of my new book Jimmy Buffett FAQ has always been planned, and this morning that plan came together…

  1. Jackson, do you own an original vinyl copy of “Somebody elses Troubles?”

    • Jackson said:

      Don’t have the vinyl, but I do have the CD.

  2. Doug Rassler said:

    My cousin, Gib Foster, designed the album cover and was there that day the picture was taken. In the liner notes, Jimmy Buffett is listed as Marvin Gardens for the picture. He also did the signage for the bar Steve owned, also called “Somebody Else’s Troubles.” He knew Steve Goodman, John Prine & Bonnie Kolloc very well. His picture & memories of Steve are included in the book written by Clay Eals, “Steve Goodman, Facing the Music.” You should read it if you haven’t already.

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