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Late afternoon, a margarita or two down. Topped off with writing and outlining on a note pad. Sometimes you just gotta write outside. This worked for me this time. Got some good stuff down.

Time for some Air Time (Sitting down to the Macbook Air…)

But hold on, I have to clean off the desk, which is OK for me, ’cause it gave me the excuse listen to Delbert McClinton. Damn that boy is bad.


It’s weird where a question will take you. And in writing this FAQ Book, it’s been happening a lot. Many times, before I start a writing session I’ll visit Facebook like I did today. And this type of diversion is OK, ’cause sometimes it leads me to something to add to the book.Today an old friend, Susan Blankenship pined, “I don’t think I can remember a year without a Buffett Labor Day Weekend Show.”

That of course sent me into “Research Mode.”.

I come from a time when “Labor Day Weekend Show” meant Great Woods in Boston. So, my research when beyond “when the last time there wasn’t a Labor Day Weekend Show?” Here’s what I found out:

  • 2006 there was no Jimmy Buffett Labor Day Weekend Show. Before that…1989
  • Eight Labor Day Weekend Shows in Boston in a row – ’95 – 2003
  • In 2005, Jimmy chose the Labor Day Weekend to have two shows at Wrigley Field in Chicago, on Saturday and Sunday leading up to the Holiday.
  • In the last 20 years, the only cities to host a Jimmy Buffett Labor Day Weekend Show were: Irvine, CA, New York, Chicago, and Bristow, VA.
Thanks for sending my on a hunt Susan. I picked up some extra stuff for the book along the way.