I Got My Hush-Puppies On and No Where to Go…

It’s weird where a question will take you. And in writing this FAQ Book, it’s been happening a lot. Many times, before I start a writing session I’ll visit Facebook like I did today. And this type of diversion is OK, ’cause sometimes it leads me to something to add to the book.Today an old friend, Susan Blankenship pined, “I don’t think I can remember a year without a Buffett Labor Day Weekend Show.”

That of course sent me into “Research Mode.”.

I come from a time when “Labor Day Weekend Show” meant Great Woods in Boston. So, my research when beyond “when the last time there wasn’t a Labor Day Weekend Show?” Here’s what I found out:

  • 2006 there was no Jimmy Buffett Labor Day Weekend Show. Before that…1989
  • Eight Labor Day Weekend Shows in Boston in a row – ’95 – 2003
  • In 2005, Jimmy chose the Labor Day Weekend to have two shows at Wrigley Field in Chicago, on Saturday and Sunday leading up to the Holiday.
  • In the last 20 years, the only cities to host a Jimmy Buffett Labor Day Weekend Show were: Irvine, CA, New York, Chicago, and Bristow, VA.
Thanks for sending my on a hunt Susan. I picked up some extra stuff for the book along the way.

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