Back To My Parrot Head Ways…

A lot of times, I don’t really pick out what I’m going to writing about. Weekend before last was no different. I found myself writing about Jimmy’s Collaborations. That lead to the fact that Jimmy’s two No. 1 Hits were with Alan Jackson and Zac Brown.

Well, I had It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere on my Mac, and while I have Toes and Chicken Fried, I didn’t have Knee Deep. Now worry, that’s what You Tube is for!

I called my host for the weekend, Rick Bentolila, owner of the Key Largo house I sometimes visit for a get away writing session, into watch with me. As we were looking at Alan Jackson in the opening scene on the yacht HullBilly, Jackson’s 58 1/2 foot Merritt, I happened to mention that I thought the water in the background looked “colorized” like an old movie. Rich’s retort was, “sometimes the Atlantic is that blue. I said, “Nah, that looks like the Caribbean, and I doubt it was shot there.

Quick research told me that the video was shot just up the coast in Jupiter, Florida, at a Bar called…and I love this…The Square Grouper. Shit, that’s on the way home. It wouldn’t be the first time a Buffett song (all be it a collaboration with Jackson) lead me on a detour on a road trip.

What did I find? Well, not water anything like in the Video. Just a stuck up bartender chick, the magic door that Alan Jackson walked through to be on stage with Jimmy, the bar had been painted, and a shitty hamburger. Still glad I made the trip. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Different door, and the trim was green in the video. Opens on to the staff’s break area. Jimmy Buffett no where in sight.

Again…Green in the video…No bottle opener below brass plate. See the attention to detail I have. Nothing gets by me. I’m a Professional, God Damn It…

View of the Marina…Man I love Boats!

The Sign Don’t Lie Son….

Well, that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it….

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  1. I love boats too! That’s a very lovely picture.

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