Out of the Clear Blue of the Western Sky Comes Sky King

Got up at 3 am this morning…I couldn’t sleep, so I might as well write. Especially since I now only work every other Monday. I’ve been working on the Jim Croce chapter, and I was looking up what type of aircraft Croce was in when he tragically crashed.

Seems I stumbled down one of those Rabbit Holes I speak about. All of a sudden my focus went from Jim Croce to Sky King. And since I’m yawning, and can probably get back to sleep, I’ll simply leave you with a couple of links that will take you back to a Saturday Morning in the mid-Fifties. Your parents are still asleep but you don’t care. You’ve got a box of Fig Newtons, and Sky King is on. Plus you’ve got a crush on Sky’s Niece Penny…

Sky King Commercial

Sky King Show


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