It Ain’t What You Know…It’s Who You Know


This is not the first time that a photo of Steve Goodman’s Somebody elses Troubles has graced the pages of this Blog. But I owe today’s treat that showed up in my mail today to the very fact that it did.

Last August I wrote a Blog Entry about a great writing session I had that morning, where I was working on a chapter named He Was Impressive, Young and Aggressive: Chicago In the Seventies. A guy I knew of for years , Doug Rassler, that was a part of my good friend Sue Fruendt’s Isle of Iowa PHC (One of my favorite clubs) read the entry and sent me a message. It seems his cousin Gib Foster designed this cover and was part of the photo session that produced the photo we see on the cover.

I of course asked him if he could put me in touch with Gib. Being the gentleman that he is, Doug obliged.

Gib turned out to be a fantastic guy. We hit it off immediately and told stories for at least an hour. I don’t know which of us can talk the most. Anyway, he suggested I get a book called Steve Goodman: Facing the Music.

I couldn’t pass that great advice by. I got the book in the mail today. Man is it great. I recommend it to any fan of Steve’s or it your a Jimmy Buffett Purist like I am. Thanks to both Doug and Gib. I owe you both a lot. I love it when a plan comes together.



  1. Ben Bangerter said:

    Pictured in the “Somebody Elses Troubles” album cover photo, L-R: Earl Pionke, John Prine, Jimmy Buffett, Nancy Goodman, little Jessie Goodman, Steve Goodman, Fred Holstein, Ed Holstein. (Remembering many happy hours spent in the Earl of Old Town in the early ’70s.)

    • Ben Bangerter said:

      OK, done that!

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