Jimmy Buffett Research Mode

So, it’s Friday night, and the work week is over. At least for the “Real Job” side of my life. The weekend  means time to dedicate to writing and research for Jimmy Buffett FAQ. Stealing an hour or so a couple of mornings each week, and writing after work, leaves a lot to be done on the weekends.

Tonight, as i threw down my backpack after getting home from work, I looked at the mess my office has become. I have to clean this mess up and get organized, or I’m gonna spin out.

That lead to looking at my Buffett CD Collection. What a mess it’s become over the years. I was always so proud that I had every CD. I still have every album release, but the obsession has loosened its grip, and I’m missing some of the Live Recordings. Sorry Jimmy, you have enough money, and I have several versions of all your songs already. Plus, I now spend money on iTunes buying up John Prine, Will Kimbrough and Rodney Crowell. I did however pick up Live at Wrigley Field, Live at Fenway Park, and Scenes You Know By Heart, all under the name of research. Enjoyed them I might add. After looking at the CD Mess: Sleeves without covers, sleeves with out CD’s, just the covers, just the CD’s, I decided I need to pay attention to the Collection.

Shifted into “Mulit-Task” mode, and upload Christmas Island to the new computer to load to the iPod for tomorrow’s Christmas Party…while looking at my Buffett Library realizing it’s as big a mess as the CD’s. That lead to wondering if any other fool has pushed their Fool Button and highlighted their autographed1st Edition of Tales of Margaritaville so they could study and understand it? (I guess I’m not planning on selling it…dah.)

Nobody said writing a book on Buffett would be easy. Anyway, just thought I’d share a few random thoughts . Have a nice pre-holiday weekend.

Ho, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum…


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  1. Dang. That looks about like my mess, except mine is all over our apartment. My collection of Jimmy items are paired up with some ocean related nic nacs, shells, pirate item & miniature ships on a shelf below my stereo. All of the cds are missing from the cases though because I snatch one every day before going out and driving my car! Ha!

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