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the Church of Buffett, Orthodox

Forgive me Father, it’s been two years since I’ve been to Church…

OK, I’ll admit it. When you get up early in the morning to write, it can get lonely at times. Many times you feel you need some extra “Inspiration” to do your work. And this morning was one of those mornings.

In my search for inspirations brought me back to those early Internet Daze when we had the Church of Buffett. Then I remembered that the Church had reappeared on Facebook, only this time with less radical leadership. So, I made a visit, said my prayers, and now I’m writing full speed ahead on Marvin Gardens.

I want you all to know…Marvin Still Lives.


Man It’s Dark…

So, last night, as I’m getting in bed, I’m thinking’, since it’s Friday night I’ll treat myself and change the alarm setting from 5 am to 6 am. I need some sleep, and does it really make that much difference for a Saturday morning writing session?

Then, when I wake up at 5 automatically, I say, “Fuck it. Turn off the alarm and decide to let myself wake up “Naturally.” Whatever that means? The next thing I know, the digital display is a red 6:55. Might as well get up…I’m feeling awfully rested.

So, I’m deep into the computer. Half way through my first cup of coffee thinking…”Man it’s Dark.” I look at my computer’s clock…It’s 5:20. Shit I did it again. I hate that alarm clock. Actually got up at 4:55 am.

But that’s not what today’s blog is about. You always need a photo, so I went out on the front deck and shot the photo we see above. Today’s blog is about learning. A lot of writing the book I’m working on now is research. And while you’re doing that, you stumble across a lot of stuff. Some of it ends up in the book, some of it doesn’t.

What did I learn today?

Steve Goodman had something in common with Jimmy. They both have had their songs wake up astronauts in space: On December, 7, 1972, the crew of the Command Module “America,” during the Apollo 17 mission, awoke to “City of New Orleans.” Steve’s comment, “That’s funny, playing a train song to three guys going to the moon.”

So guess what…We get a discussion of Buffett tunes that work up astronauts in Jimmy Buffett FAQ.