Man It’s Dark…

So, last night, as I’m getting in bed, I’m thinking’, since it’s Friday night I’ll treat myself and change the alarm setting from 5 am to 6 am. I need some sleep, and does it really make that much difference for a Saturday morning writing session?

Then, when I wake up at 5 automatically, I say, “Fuck it. Turn off the alarm and decide to let myself wake up “Naturally.” Whatever that means? The next thing I know, the digital display is a red 6:55. Might as well get up…I’m feeling awfully rested.

So, I’m deep into the computer. Half way through my first cup of coffee thinking…”Man it’s Dark.” I look at my computer’s clock…It’s 5:20. Shit I did it again. I hate that alarm clock. Actually got up at 4:55 am.

But that’s not what today’s blog is about. You always need a photo, so I went out on the front deck and shot the photo we see above. Today’s blog is about learning. A lot of writing the book I’m working on now is research. And while you’re doing that, you stumble across a lot of stuff. Some of it ends up in the book, some of it doesn’t.

What did I learn today?

Steve Goodman had something in common with Jimmy. They both have had their songs wake up astronauts in space: On December, 7, 1972, the crew of the Command Module “America,” during the Apollo 17 mission, awoke to “City of New Orleans.” Steve’s comment, “That’s funny, playing a train song to three guys going to the moon.”

So guess what…We get a discussion of Buffett tunes that work up astronauts in Jimmy Buffett FAQ.


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