#2 Great Club St. Somewhere Discussion: “The Lesser Antilles”

OK… We now know we’re talking about the “Lesser Antilles.” That was the easy part. Here’s a nice shot from Space. The island with the red dot happens to be the island of Montserrat. And we all know (shame on you if you don’t ) Jimmy’s tie to this island.

But where does the “Lesser Antilles” come into play as far as Mr. Buffett is concerned? I bet we come up with quite a few answers and ideas, but there is one certain tie in with Jimmy and the Lesser Antilles that I’m looking for.

  1. thesurfpirate said:

    We are either discussing genealogy and Jimmy’s seafaring ancestry …..
    … or we are discussing Jimmy’s seaplane and air boat travels in this region …..

    • Jackson said:

      Ah… SurfPirate. You chipping away. Since Jimmy has spent so much time in this area of the Caribbean, it makes it hard to guess. In a bit, I’ll probably have to start giving some clues. But in the end, I feel pretty excited about what I dug up on this. It, of course, is already in the new book. My main goal on this, is to see how many “hard-core” Buffett Fans I can flush out. I’m certainly not surprised you were one of the first to show up to the party.

  2. Aaron Johnson said:

    I think he lived down there for awhile.

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