The Next Big Jimmy Buffett “Discussion”

I was lucky enough to have been a part of the initial Parrot Head Social Networking site on AOL. We had a Chat Room (which I hated). We had Bulletin Board Discussion Areas, and we had a newsletter called the Coconut Modem.

Things happened and were talked about there, that will never happen again. The peak years were between 1995 – 2000. Things changed, and the whole PH thing got too big after that. But amongst all that, there were some meaningful talks and discussions, and Jimmy Buffett Fans learned things about the PH Phenomenon and Jimmy Buffett’s music. All I’m trying to do here on this site (and the sister JBFAQ FB Page) and Club St. Somewhere, is to duplicate a little of that.

Well, I’ve run across a lot of new things I never knew about Jimmy during the book writing process. And I’d like to start a little discussion that might bring a lot of the “Knowledgeable” out in the open. In fact, it’s already starting to happen in the little weekly (Saturday) “I CAN NAME THAT JIMMY BUFFETT TUNE IN _____ CLUES.”

When I launched “JBFAQ” as I call it, we got 1400 views a week during those initial weeks. Then it expectedly dropped down in the 200 – 250 views per week. Since then, over the past two months it has slowly and steadily grown back up to the 850 – 900 views per week (which actually surprised me). So, something is happening. Let’s see where it goes from here?

Now I’m going to try something that might work. Let’s try it and see what happens. In the last few weeks, I ran across a little tidbit about our favorite calypso poet that I had been previously been only slightly exposed to, and then forgot about it. When I ran across it again, it was purely luck, and I dug deeper. What I learned was really cool and interesting. So, all I’m looking for is a little particiapation.

I know . . . you’re going, “What the F… is he talking about?” Well, hang with me, and we’ll all soon know. I know not everybody will be interested in this, and that’s OK. But a few of the people who are really interested in Jimmy will tag along, if only out of curiosity. But in that group will be some knowledgeble Buffett Fans, and will all learn something from each other. As Jimmy gets closer to retirement, this just might be our last chance to do something like this.

The map below is our clue. Put your thinking caps on. As we do, we’ll see what this has to do with Jimmy Buffett too. Be sure to share this web site and our FB Page with your friends. (Please try to keep your answers, comments, and discussions on this site, and not on the JBFAQ Facebook Page – Thank You)

Let’s start with, “Does anyone know what this chain of islands is called?” 

  1. Argrygoose said:

    What is the Lesser Antilles, Alex?

  2. Bob said:

    You are looking at the archipelago of the Antilles. Puerto Rico at the top is part of the Greater Antilles and the smaller islands to the east and south make up the Lesser Antilles.

  3. thesurfpirate said:

    I second that description.

  4. Jackson said:

    Very Good! And a very through description by Bob. And guessing that “Angrygoose” is a man . . . let me add, “Good Work Gentlemen.

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