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So, how often do we get to help out a Reefer? Well, not only do you have that chance now, you have a chance to do what Parrot Heads do so well. You get to show your support of a guitar player many of us have been listening to for years—Roger Bartlett

Most of us met Roger in 1974, on Jimmy Buffett’s third album—A1A. At the time Buffett listed the Reefers on the album sleeve, he was calling his band “The Third Coral Reefer Band.” And right below Jimmy’s name was: Roger Bartlett — Acoustic Lead and Road Band.

Why was Roger listed as the “Road Band.” Simple. As the Reefers evolved from studio musicians to an actual band, Jimmy could only afford to take one Coral Reefer on the road with him, and it was Roger Bartlett.

But you can learn more about Roger and the other Reefers when Jimmy Buffett FAQ comes out. The point of this posting today, is that we have the chance to push Roger to the top of the Reverb Nation Blues Chart and quite possible give his band Scratch and Sniff a chance to play with Eric Clapton.

How do we do this? Do any one “or all” of the following (the more the better)

  1. Go to Roger’s Reverb Nation Page (click on “Reverb Nation”)
  2. Share the Page
  3. Become a Fan
  4. Hit the “Like” Button
  5. Click the “Help Us Play with Eric Clapton” Button

And while your there, listen to Roger’s new music and watch his video. We’ve only got until March 3rd to push Roger and Scratch and Sniff to the top. It can be done too. When Roger first told me about all this and I posted it on the JBFAQ Facebook Page, he was No. 37. And yesterday,just two weeks later, he’s at No. 4. Our support works. Let’s show the world what Parrot Heads are all about, and help our good friend at the same time.