in 2001, I formed St. Somewhere Press and      published JimmyDotCom: The Evolution of a  Phan. It was a book about the effects of the Internet  on the Parrothead World. During it’s time on, it maintained a 5-Star Review  Rating. By “Self-Published” standards, it did quite  well. But when you add in the cost of touring with J  immy Buffett and the Coral Reefers for the  entire Beach House On the Moon Tour, the cost to publish, and promotion, I lost money. In fact a few of the investors lost too. Hopefully this book will make enough to pay those remaining few.

Fast forward ten years:

Hal Lenord’s Performing Arts Group Publishing Group’s Backbeat Books discovered my old book, and read some of the stuff I was putting out on the Internet, and signed me to a book deal to write Jimmy Buffett FAQ. Backbeat has what they call the FAQ Series. So far, books published in that series include U2 FAQ, The Fab Four FAQ, Black Sabbath FAQ, Pink Floyd FAQ, and Lead Zeppelin FAQ. With future books on The Doors, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, and you got it…Mr. Jimmy Buffett. By including Buffett, Backbeat shows they truly understand the Music World and Jimmy Buffett’s place in it.

Hal Lenord is the World’s Largest Publisher of sheet music, and Backbeat Books is a publisher of books for fans and performers with Music Biographies, Music History & Commentary, Music Business, Recording, Song Writing, Musical Instruments, and Musical Instruction. It is an honor to be associated with such a great publishing group. The book is due to the Publisher this December.

This Jimmy Buffett FAQ site is where you can not only keep up on the progress of the book, but you can actually take a part in making sure the rest of the world sees what Jimmy Buffett and his Parrot Head Following are really about.

I look forward to the next six months.

Jackson Quigley


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