Original Coral Reefer Roger Bartlett recently shared a new film he is working on as the composer. They have an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to support their efforts.

It’s a really interesting project, and his team could really use our support. Besides being a great film, there will be many positive impacts as a result of this film being made.

It’s an honor to share this project with you. Please join me in supporting our dear friend Roger and this project. Any pledge you can make will help. You would be amazed at what $5 could do. And be sure to share it with all your friends.




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So, how often do we get to help out a Reefer? Well, not only do you have that chance now, you have a chance to do what Parrot Heads do so well. You get to show your support of a guitar player many of us have been listening to for years—Roger Bartlett

Most of us met Roger in 1974, on Jimmy Buffett’s third album—A1A. At the time Buffett listed the Reefers on the album sleeve, he was calling his band “The Third Coral Reefer Band.” And right below Jimmy’s name was: Roger Bartlett — Acoustic Lead and Road Band.

Why was Roger listed as the “Road Band.” Simple. As the Reefers evolved from studio musicians to an actual band, Jimmy could only afford to take one Coral Reefer on the road with him, and it was Roger Bartlett.

But you can learn more about Roger and the other Reefers when Jimmy Buffett FAQ comes out. The point of this posting today, is that we have the chance to push Roger to the top of the Reverb Nation Blues Chart and quite possible give his band Scratch and Sniff a chance to play with Eric Clapton.

How do we do this? Do any one “or all” of the following (the more the better)

  1. Go to Roger’s Reverb Nation Page (click on “Reverb Nation”)
  2. Share the Page
  3. Become a Fan
  4. Hit the “Like” Button
  5. Click the “Help Us Play with Eric Clapton” Button

And while your there, listen to Roger’s new music and watch his video. We’ve only got until March 3rd to push Roger and Scratch and Sniff to the top. It can be done too. When Roger first told me about all this and I posted it on the JBFAQ Facebook Page, he was No. 37. And yesterday,just two weeks later, he’s at No. 4. Our support works. Let’s show the world what Parrot Heads are all about, and help our good friend at the same time.



“Don’t Bring Me Candy” was the “B Side” to “Abandon On Tuesday” – Jimmy Buffett’s 1st Single.

images-1Product Sound Studio, the Mobile Recording Studio where Jimmy Buffett cut his first single, “Abandoned On Tuesday,” in 1969, was extensively damaged yesterday, Christmas Day, ironically Buffett’s birthday. The building has housed Cantrell’s Photography since 1992. Product Sound Studio is to Parrot Heads, what Sun Recordings is to Elvis fans.

Back in 1969, Product Sound was above the downstairs dentist office, and run by Milton L. Brown, Travis Turk, Nick Panioutour and John Ed Thompson. They had to record at night, as not to disturb the dentist office.

While Jimmy Buffett FAQ is not set up to be a news service, we are proud to be the Internet site to break this news story. It was through our friendship with Milton Brown that we were first made aware of this story.

Thanks to Milton to sending it our way.


Well… As I wrap up my book, I can see this is one of the areas of my Social Media I want to spend some time on…

The book is going to be releases June 4th, 2013… even with all the manuscript delivery extensions my Publisher, Hal Leonard Backbeat Books, has been so kind to give to me. I’m still in the process of polishing off the final draft with inclusions of some great new friends who has some first hand insight into the start of Jimmy’s career. More on that later…

We’ll be picking up some traction on Facebook and Twitter also.

In the meantime, I’d like to turn you on to some music I’ve been listening to lately:

First Buzz Cason…

Go by and listen on iTunes or better yet, go by – My Review will come soon. I’m too busy listening to it to write one.


OK, I promised to give you some insight into why I started my “Lesser Antilles” Posting:

A few weeks ago, someone (you’ll have to read “Jimmy Buffett FAQ” to learn who and read the complete story) mentioned  the existence of a compilation tape called “The Greatest Hits of the Lesser Antilles.”

That of course got me curious, so I researched it, and found that it had been mentioned in Jimmy Buffett’s “A Salty Piece Of Land,” which I shared with you on this page.

But it goes beyond that. I got in touch with one of “those in the know” and dug deeper to discover:

Turns out, there is an “actual” tape called “The Greatest Hits of the Lesser Antilles,” and my research revealed not only the history of the tape, but all the songs included on this magical tape.

I know that there are some of you out there that might be curious enough to want to know what those songs are… Well, you’re going to have to buy the book when it comes out. This is just a small example of the things I’m running across and including in “Jimmy Buffett FAQ”

Until then, keep following our progress on this Blog….

So, today I was talking to a guy by the name of Doug Mustain. I’d called him, because he had impressed me with his knowledge of Jimmy Buffett Lyrics. We were talking about Buffett, and he told me he broke down Jimmy’s music into two eras:  “Moustache” Jimmy, and “No Moustache” Jimmy.









And you know what? It made perfect since to me. In the past, I’ve tried to compartmenalize Jimmy’s history and past for several reasons. The latest was with JBFAQ, where I almost broke it down by decades . . . but decided not to. But, I like how Doug approaches it.

If you look back at pictures of Jimmy on his albums, the Moustache left right in-between Floridays and Hot Water. And it never came back. I’ve never really heard him or anyone else talk about it either. Though, there are three times I can think of right now where he talks about facial hair in his songs: “Wish I Had a Pencil Thin Moustache” (with the cool French spelling), in “Little Miss Magic” with a little more moustache turnin’ grey, and “We Learned to Be Cool From You” when he’s either referring to the old Jimmy or Walter Cronkite.

I’m going to give it a little more thought, but I’m pretty sure, from now on, when I think about Jimmy, it’s going to be “Moustache Jimmy” and “No Moustache Jimmy.”

Thanks Doug…

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?