Do you have a question about Jimmy Buffett or Parrotheads that you just have to have an answer to? Well, this is not only your chance to get the answer, but you just might show up in Jimmy Buffett: FAQ.

Be a part of a MOVEMENT. This is going to be the best book about Jimmy ever published.

Stay Tuned….

  1. Jackson said:

    So…no questions yet. OK, I had one:

    Have Jimmy and Van Morrison ever performed together? I didn’t know, so I contacted my friend Tom Corcoran and put it to him.

    He couldn’t remember it happening and qualified it with, “if it had ever happened, it would have been big news, and we’d all know he did.”

    I’m going with Tom’s answer. I figured as much, but it’s great to get it confirmed by someone in the know. Thanks Tom.


  2. Wayne Sickels said:

    Who does the Voice over (intro) on the Song “Gypsys in the Palace”?

    • Jackson said:

      Thank you Wayne for “Popping the Cherry” on “Questions That Bother Us So.” I’ll see what I can do, and then go to my sources if I can’t figure it out.


  3. Wayne Sickels said:

    Thanks!!! I think I know But don’t want to say until..

  4. Bryan Bennett said:

    VInce Malemed

  5. Jackson said:

    Thanks Bryan … I’m thinking this could be the answer. Vince had a lot to do with that album? Do you have a definitive source on this? I just sent Josh Leo an email to see if he remembers, or if he could check with Vince for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


    • Wayne Sickels said:

      OK I thought it was Patrick Stewart Because for a long time the joke in my Family was Star Trek and Star Wars (Harrison Ford cracking the whip) on the same album thanks for checking!! be nice to find out 🙂

  6. Jackson said:

    Just heard back from Josh Leo…

    We now have the infinitive answer straight from the “Horse’s Mouth.” It is Vince Melamed on the voice over on “Gypsies In the Palace.”

    Over a year and a half after the original question. Proving JBFAQ will keep digging until we get the answer.


  7. john defoy said:

    were was the video Fruitcakes was shot?



    • Jackson said:

      Hey John…

      Ah…I know this one, because a friend of mine (who now lives in Key West) was in the Video. It was shot at Universal Studios in Orlando.


      • Jimmy also says as much during the video intro on the “Tales From Margaritavision” video. 🙂

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